Recruiting Coaches?

Making Your Coaches Feel Welcome by SportsCoach UK

sports coach UK believe that a great induction is an essential starting point for all coaches. A positive first experience will help a coach settle into your organisation or club and help them deliver quality participant focused sessions. This interactive resource has been developed to support you to plan and deliver the best induction possible. It includes:

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What is confidence?

Confidence is having belief in yourself and that you can do things.Understand that confidence is not linear or constant and that it can increase or decrease between people attending your sessions due to things happening in their own lives. As a coach you will need to help people achieve regular small successes to maintain confidence to help them to continue to enjoy the sessions and keep them coming back.

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Coaching Active and Healthy Sessions

Many people take part in sport and physical activity to improve their fitness, look or feel better. As a coach it is important to ensure that your session is as physically active as possible so that these benefits can be achieved.

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