Guidelines on Hosting Young People

Guidelines on Hosting Young People

On occasions, Parents, Coaches and Officials may be asked to act as hosts for visiting players.  Whilst informal arrangements between parents are not under the control of TTU or a club when formal arrangements are made it is important that correct guidelines are followed.


If handled suitably hosting can add to the enjoyment and experience of playing and competing. Hosting arrangements should follow the following guidelines:

  • The host family must be known to TTU or the club.
  • All travel and accommodation arrangements should be made known to parents, players and hosts.
  • All involved should be given all useful contact numbers.
  • In the case of medical conditions, medications or allergies, the information should be shared as necessary but treated in a confidential and sensitive manner.
  • Players should only be accommodated in pairs of the same gender.
  • No child should be asked to share a bed.
  • The normal rules about smoking, alcohol, the use of substances and general behaviour should apply to the hosts and the players being accommodated.
  • Any concerns voiced by parents should be addressed.
  • No pressure should be put on parents or players to return hospitality, and any reluctance to do so must not affect the future selection of the player.
  • All involved should be made aware of these requirements.

As always, this list is not exhaustive, and at all times all those involved should use common sense.