Ulster Junior Ranking

 Under 18 Boys                      
1Conor NugentOrmeau78082086075090090042605010
2Tom ColvinCraigavon77069096072082090041704860
3Max SkeltonOrmeau75079067578596039603960
4Joe SheardCraigavon72078077567571583038204495
5Joel SmithOrmeau54573577562376083037234268
6Daniel IrwinSt Anne's67561567577562374583037004938
7Connor SmithOrmeau60567573571583035603560
8Adam FaulknerOsmond58063067573562379034534033
9Jonathan MooneyOrmeau79073577076530603060
10James SkeltonOrmeau920800100027202720
11Matthew CherryGlenburn72066062368526882688
12Colm DarraghOsmond54560053816381683
13Ethan Duffy780780780
14Evan Brown765765765
15Ethan Graham765765765
16Deane McCoy750750750
17Tom IrwinSt Anne's645645645
18Louis NgGlenburn590590590
19Lukas SchroederOrmeau580580580
20Marc RaineyOrmeau565565565
21Daniel FlanniganOrmeau550550550
22David McCaughern158158158
23John Fitzmaurice123123123
24Michael Allen120120120
24Scott Crawford120120120
Under 15 Boys
1Tom ColvinCraigavon860720715100075090096044705905
2Max SkeltonOrmeau88092072086090042804280
3Joe SheardCraigavon75082086067590090042304905
4Joel SmithOrmeau84075588062378083040854708
5Daniel IrwinSt Anne's80069068577562379083038855193
6Tom IrwinSt Anne's76066075573573577537604420
7Adam FaulknerOsmond78064561080062377536234233
8Ben WatsonOrmeau71573562376577536133613
9Aedan McGivernCraigavon63066573573577535403540
10Jonathan MooneyOrmeau92088082087334933493
11Senan SheridanOrmeau65571059061583034003400
12James SkeltonOrmeau1000960100029602960
13Daniel FlanniganOrmeau66558058075019027652765
14Daniel McFaulLisburn Rapid60065553583026202620
15Christopher MinnisOrmeau65559063514513321582158
16Matthew MooneyOrmeau61568576520652065
17Troy LucasSt Anne's61568568519851985
18Josh HickmanCraigavon56056569518201820
19Louis NgGlenburn58053510015816314318016161859
20Bradley StewartCraigavon 5406959013314581458
21Josh PenieroBanbridge57066012301230
22James Keating740740740
23Evan Brown725725725
23Ethan Graham725725725
25Cormac ToppingBanbridge695695695
25Deane McCoy695695695
27Ben HendersonCraigavon540153693693
28Adam MolekBanbridge660660660
28Adam Wilson660660660
30Alex LoOrmeau565565565
31Luke SmithBanbridge563563563
31Noah JamilsonCraigavon563563563
33Charlie ShorttCraigavon540540540
34Paedar SheridanOrmeau535535535
35Sebastian KiddBallyclare200200200
36Peter BairdBallyclare175175175
37Reece GlassColeraine West150150150
38Elijah LawtherGlenburn145145145
39Caleb CrawfordBallyclare140140140
39Dylan SharpColeraine West140140140
41Mark Rainey123123123
42Rajaram PolishettyOrmeau959595
43Nicolas LoGlenburn656565
44Charlie WilsonLisburn Rapid606060
Under 13 Boys
1Tom IrwinSt Anne's960920960960100048004800
2Ben WatsonOrmeau84088086075090096016519544405550
3Matthew MooneyOrmeau88086084072086020041604360
4Aedan McGivernCraigavon82075082077562384090018019020019541556293
5Senan SheridanOrmeau76579077562379083017017517039505088
6Troy LucasSt Anne's86072074577562380015539004678
7Daniel McFaulLisburn RapidU1180066080067576583014015819017038705188
8Joshua HickmanCraigavon7206307457355356557808510516313015536355438
9Paeadar SheridanOrmeauU1172070573556568574040809535854365
10Ben DicksonBanbridge56070561579011311327832896
11Patrick YoungOrmeau78072083013512025852585
12Noah JamisonCraigavon74564576510517524352435
13Alex LoOrmeau73067578021852185
14Aaditya SinghOrmeauU11535735765359021602160
15Josh PenieroBanbridge5805657408010520702070
16Adam MolekBanbridge57053576511319831983
17Charlie ShorttCraigavon61583014010017018551855
18Dominic NgGlenburn69059013515817514320018132091
19Thomas NormanOrmeau53561570858513901390
20James Keating900900900
21Harry LeavesleyCraigavon700110810810
22Adam Wilson740740740
23Cormac ToppingBanbridge59075665665
24Euan HannaOrmeau510130640640
25Ryan FosterCraigavon600600600
26Max MurphyBanbridge550550550
27Josh ThompsonLisburn Rapid5510080235235
28Max CampbellOsmond55125180180
29Eli McKirganSt Anne's145145145
29Connor FrizzellColeraine West145145145
31Kyle McLaughlinColeraine West135135135
32Andrew Lecky133133133
32Josh HendersonCraigavon133133133
34Dara SidebottomOrmeau125125125
35Jack HassardLisburn Rapid4570115115
36David LockhartColeraine WestU11959595
37Angus CatherwoodBallyclare939393
38Kieran McToalWellington686868
38Alex CorrOsmond686868
40David AgnewOrmeauU1126406666
41Atticus HughesOrmeauU1120305050
42Jude SheldonCraigavon282828
43Matthew FlanniganOrmeau222222
44Chris AllsopOrmeauU11181818
45Jake TraubOrmeauU11161616
Under 18 Girls
1Lucy McIvorOrmeau820750800880750790100042905790
2Anna KellyOrmeau75069078084076592040554745
3Sophie EarleyOrmeau100010001000100040004000
4Nicole LarmourBanbridge76572076572076596039754695
5Lucy Craig Glenburn84082092090034803480
6Lucy JohnstonGlenburn76579082023752375
7Nicole ScottGlenburn79080015901590
8Paulina DampsCraigavon660153813813
9Aleyah PenieroBanbridge645645645
Under 16 Girls
1Lucy McIvorOrmeau860750880920720960100046206090
2Nicole LarmourBanbridge82072092084075090096044405910
3Anna KellyOrmeau84064584080079090041704815
4Emily Flynn78063080086076575039554585
5Anjali SinghOrmeau77078067574590038703870
6Alice LooneyOrmeau66074576567580085038354495
7Lily SmithOrmeau76061572573563872082037605013
8Grace LooneyOrmeau59072573560876576535984188
9Kia McCartney Coleraine78576574585031453145
10Niamh MasonLisburn Rapid63872080021582158
11Aleyah PenieroBanbridge6007855012515601560
12Lara CrothersBanbridge56576513301330
13Esther Wilson785785785
14Ruby BushbyBanbridge608608608
15Paulina DampsCraigavon580580580
16Abbie WylieBanbridge565565565
Under 13 Girls
1Emily Flynn960720100010001000100017049605850
2Anjali SinghOrmeau92069079086075092085015015543406085
3Alice LooneyOrmeau88064588088072086085012012017042106125
4Lily SmithOrmeau79066082082069082082011514340705678
5Grace LooneyOrmeauU118206308008406608008006012014340605673
6Kia McCartneyColeraine86092084096019037703770
7Niamh MasonLisburn Rapid770630790900301137532033308
8Marnie YoungGlenburn780615780645756516529853125
9Melissa JohnstonGlenburn8004516010051005
10Maya ForsytheU11900900900
11Anna RussellU11785785785
11Kathryn McConnellU11785785785
13Dayna HughesCraigavonU11600600600
14Ella McCabeCraigavonU11590590590
15Elisa LoGlenburnU1124130154154
16Rebecca ScottOrmeauU1122120142142
17Emma MackeyGlenburnU1126115141141
18Naomi HughesGlenburnU1135105140140
19Eden HannaColeraine West110110110
20Samantha DavisonColeraine West100100100
21Karis McIntyreColeraine West909090
22Rebecca KingstonOrmeauU1128507878
23Gabby MischookSt Anne'sU11242424
24Lily ParkGlenburnU11202020
25Polly SmithOrmeauU11181818
26Darcy HassardRevolutionU11161616

Tournament Guide

IJC Irish Junior Classification
CGJO Craigavon Junior Open
UJO Ulster Junior Open
MJO Munster Junior Open
OJO Ormeau Junior Open
CJO Connacht Junior Open
NJC National Junior Championships
UJC Ulster Junior Championships
DLJO David Lloyd Junior Open

Ulster Junior Ranking Scheme 2018/19

Tier 1: Championship Events: 100% weighting to Irish Junior Ranking Scheme

Irish Junior Events & Ulster Junior Championships (IJC, UJO, MO, CJO, IJNC, UJC)

Allocation of Points
• Points allocation begins at 1000 points for the winner
• Points allocated descent in increments of 40 points for places 1-4, thereafter 20 points for places 5-8, thereafter 10 points for places 9-32 and thereafter 5 points for all places.
• When allocating points and where 2 or more players tie for points at any stage of a tournament, ie where there are no playoff matches, such as in the rounds before the quarter finals, or at any stage, the means of allocating points is as follows:
o The number of players tying is first determined.
o As an example, if there are 6 players tying in the round before the quarter finals, this means that 6 players tie for joint 9th position, and jointly take up ranking positions from 9-14, howsoever allocated.
o The points for 9th position (790) are added to the points for 14th position (740) giving 1530.
o This figure is divided by 2, to give the mean point, which in this case is 765; these 6 players are allocated 765 points.
o This gives a distinction between these players, who reached the last 14 of the tournament (which is theoretically more difficult than reaching a last 16), and the players in a last 16 where the points would be (790+720)/2 = 755.
• Thus, where a number of players are tied, the points awarded shall be determined by adding the highest and lowest points that could be awarded to that group of players and dividing by 2.
• All points allocations should be rounded up to the nearest whole number.

Tier 2: Provincial Events

Ulster Junior Events (Ormeau Jun Open, Craigavon Jun Open, David Lloyd Open)

• Points allocation begins at 750 points for the winner
• Points allocated descend in increments of 30 points for places 1 – 4
• Points allocated descend in increments of 15 points for places 5 – 8
• Points allocated descend in increments of 10 points for places 9 – 32
• Points allocated descend in in increments of 5 points for places 33 onwards
The same procedures apply as above when determining points where 2 or more players tie for position, ie where there are no playoff matches.+

Tier 3: Ulster Junior Challenger Events

• Points allocation begins at 200 points for the winner
• Points allocated descend in increments of 10 points for places 1 – 4
• Points allocated descend in increments of 5 points for places 5 – 32
• Points allocated descend in increments of 2 points for places 33 - 42
• From position 42 onwards, all players receive 10 points

The same procedures apply as above when determining points where 2 or more players tie for position, ie where there are no playoff matches.

Players who hold an Ulster ranking across two age categories will receive challenger points for their own age category only.

Eligibility for Ulster Junior Ranking Challenger Circuit

All male players who are ranked in the top 20 at Junior level in Ireland or the top 8 at Cadet level are excluded from entering Challenger tournaments. Likewise, all female players who are ranked in the top 10 at Junior level or the top 6 at Cadet level are excluded from entering this tournament..

Ireland or Ulster Selection Clash

In the event of a clash between an Irish or Ulster Junior Ranking event and an Irish or Ulster selection event, any player who is unable as a result of this clash to attend the domestic ranking event will receive an exemption for that event. The exemption points will be the average of their points from all other Championship or Provincial events.

Ulster Grand Prix Ranking Series

At the conclusion of the season, the Number 1 ranked player in each category shall be the Ulster Grand Prix Champion, and will be awarded a commemorative trophy. The Ulster GP Champion shall be determined be calculating the 5 best results attained over the course of the season.

Participation Award – Best Participant

An award will be made at the end of the series to the player(s) who has participated in the most events over the course of the series.

Important Notice

Rankings will be published on www.tabletennisulster.com and www.irishtabletennis.com and updated after each event subject to receiving results from the tournament organiser in a timely fashion.

Whilst every care is taken to ensure the results are accurate, the occasional error is inevitable. Table Tennis Ulster accepts no responsibility of any kind for such errors and their consequences. Any mistake will be investigated and proven errors will be rectified in a subsequent list. Any queries from the list should arrive within three weeks of the list publication date and be sent to amogey@hotmail.com.