Overnight Stays and Away Trips Policy

Overnight Stays and Away Trips

When teams or individuals stay overnight on any trip without the supervision of their parents, then a number of regulations should be adhered to:

  • Parents and participants should be asked to sign agreement forms for the arrangements.
  • A meeting with parents and participants should be arranged to communicate travel times, and all the various details. Consideration should be given to details of the travel and competition, costs, pocket money, safety, accommodation, player kit, luggage restrictions, identity documents, medical requirements, allergies, medication, safety measures, dietary requirements, the use of social media, and participant responsibilities.
  • Parents should ensure that they co-operate with any set-down and pick-up arrangements and recognise the responsibilities that coaches and chaperones volunteer to take on in being in loco parentis.
  • Contact details should be exchanged.
  • Adults should not share rooms with children.
  • If an adult needs to visit a child’s room they should knock before entering. If they have to remain in the room for any reason, then it should be either with others present or with the door open.  It is always wise to consider whether an adult witness is available.
  • Children sharing rooms should only do so with those of the same age and gender. There should be no boys in girls’ rooms and no girls in boys’ rooms at any time.
  • Group socialisation should take place in communal areas.
  • There should be at least one adult of each gender with a mixed party, and a maximum adult-child ratio of 1:10 is recommended. For safety, and coverage for injury and emergency, a minimum of 2 adults is recommended.
  • Alcoholic drink, smoking or other illegal substances are forbidden to players, and coaches and chaperones should act as role models in this respect.
  • Consideration should be given of the actions to be taken in the case of medical emergency or injury.
  • Lights out times should be enforced, and players required to obey all rules laid down.
  • At the conclusion of the trip, the leader of the group should make a brief report to the Provincial Branch and National Office, recording the outcome of the trip and listing any problems encountered (including misbehaviour and injuries) and any action taken. If appropriate, further action should be recommended.

These requirements may not be exhaustive, but organisers should make every effort to make the trip enjoyable and worthwhile.