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Photography and Video Recording Policy – Table Tennis Ulster

Photography and Video Recording Policy

Photography And Video Recording Policy

Care is required in the taking of photographs and video recordings of young people, as well as in their use.  The following is a guide to best practice in the taking and use of photographs and recordings, but it may not cover every eventuality, so it is always vital to use common sense in their taking and use.

Photographs and recordings of young people taken by themselves and their families for use in a family environment should cause no problems, and Table Tennis Ulster would wish to encourage families to celebrate the achievements of their members.

Official photographs will normally only be taken and used for publicity and reporting activity.  It is expected that participants will be wearing full Table Tennis kit, and photographs of a more informal nature will be used with great care.  The content of any photographs or recording should concentrate on the activity and not the child.  The identification of individuals should be done sensitively, and only where appropriate.

Photographs and recordings of young people by persons other than immediate family members should only be taken with the permission of the parent(s)/guardian(s) and of the young person.  On the whole, it will be assumed that permission has been sought and given, but if any parent, player, coach or official objects to photographs or recordings being made, then this objection must be respected.  Parents who do not want photographs or recordings of their child being taken under any circumstances should inform the TTU Office in writing.

For photographs or recordings taken by TTU officials or media reporters that may appear in external publications (e.g. newspapers, websites, newsletters, television reports), particularly where the individuals involved are clearly identified by name and school or club, permission will normally be sought.  Clubs will have asked the parents and player to complete permission forms.

In the case of group photographs where the caption only identifies the team/group and the activity and no names are involved, permission will not normally be sought.

At events organised by TTU and its Branches, coaches, parents, spectators and players wishing to take photographs or video recordings must have sought permission from TTU or the organisers, have applied for and signed a permission form, and carry with them an authorisation card.  TTU will maintain a register of all individuals who have been given permission to take photographs.  Only those named will have permission.

The advent of mobile phones presents considerable problems. Everyone is encouraged to use the technology with care and responsibility.

Parents, coaches, officials and players are encouraged to bring to the attention of TTU any concerns that they have about the use of photographs and recordings as well as the individuals that make them.