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TTU Player Portal – Table Tennis Ulster

TTU Player Portal

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Welcome to your new TTU player portal. This portal has been designed to keep all of your information in one place and to aid in the progression of your game as a Table Tennis Ulster Player. The main objectivess of this Player Portal are to:

  • Ensure current TTU Player information is readily available to TTU representatives
  • To ensure we have an up to date list of your achievements for possible funding opportunities
  • To ensure we have a record of your travel documents, therefore, resulting in a quicker booking process
  • To allow TTU coaches the ability to update your profile after tournaments and training sessions and provide input to help improve your game
  • To allow you the TTU Player the ability to keep a tournament log and provide updates on feelings, results & improvements etc.
  • Results and tracking of your fitness through fitness testing at camps

This TTU Player Portal will become the centre of all things TTU. As you have made a start on your Portal already by providing TTU with the initial starting blocks for your profile you may notice that we have added in a few fields which you will be required to update and fill out in your own time. ONLY YOU AND TTU REPRESENTATIVES CAN SEE THIS INFORMATION

It is expected that if you represent TTU at home and or abroad that you seek the TTU coach on duty to update the “Coach Feedback” area.

Note: To Edit your profile you must simply go to your portal page, and click “Edit” you then will see various sub headings to update each of the categories. Please spend some time to get familiar with the bespoke TTU Player Portal page.

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Reaching your peak performance:

As part of the Ulster/TTNI Senior Programme, you will be expected to play the Irish Classification and the Irish National Championships as compulsory events. You would be expected to aim play at least one other event from the other four main events: Ulster Open, Leinster Open, Connaught Open and Munster Open. 

How to peak for your most important events. Using the graphic below based on a 12-programme duration:

Step 1:

Identify When’s the most important time for you to peak. For most people this may be the National Championships, Europeans or Commonwealths.

Step 2:

Building Period. When you have decided your peak events you must tailor your training and gym around it. For example: If the Nationals were to be held in July, you should identify the ‘Building’ period. This period is where you work hard on your fitness, speed, agility and less technical aspects of your game most of all.

Based on a 12-month plan, this would be July/August the year before (Roughly 11months prior).

During this period your weekly programme should be made up of roughly 50% Table Time, 50% Gym Time and 0% Tournaments

Step 3:

Consolidation Period. This period would be around 2 months into your 12 months programme. During this period of your programme you should be looking to consolidate your game, focus on building small segments of your match play whilst having already commenced your tournament season.

This may include focussing on your service and receive and utilising your improved confidence in these shots during tournaments and leagues. 

During this period your weekly programme should be made up of roughly 50% Table Time, 25% Gym Time and 25% Tournaments/Matches (Note this would be roughly 1 or 2 tournaments in a 4 week month).

Step 4:

Stabilisation Period. By this stage, the groundwork of your programme should be well established and you should begin to feel and see stabilised results and improvements in your game both in practice and in tournaments. 

During this period your weekly programme should be made up of roughly 65% Table Time, 10% Gym Time and 25% Tournaments/Matches.

Step 5: Peak Performance.

By this stage of your 12 month plan you should be in the best possible shape for your peak event.

Step 6: Rest/Decline in training and competition

It is very important to take rest after your peak event. Training hard can bring about a lot of stress, emotion and pain therefore it’s equally as important to let your body and mind recover in an almost sporting detox kind of way.

Important Note:

All of the above is based on a 12 month plan, however it is possible to have smaller bitesize peak plans also. You can simply:

  • Apply the above method
  • Change the duration as shown above
  • work out your plan based on your desired peak moment

TTU have created this graphic to demonstrate our 3 year plan for our TTU Senior Squad.

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General TTU TTNI Senior Squad Information:

Here you will find all of the information surrounding your Table Tennis Ulster/N.I Senior Player Programme leading up to the Commonwealth Games in 2022.

Commonwealth Games Squad Long List:

Note: These squads will be reviewed on a 6-month basis. If you do not show commitment to TTU, your place may be given to those who show commitment.

Further Notes:

– All Senior Squad selections take effect from 1 January 2019.
– Selection into the 2019 Ulster/N.I Squad is subject to, the commitment by the player, results, and the player’s attitude on and off the table.
– The Ulster Selection Panel may add/remove athletes from the
Squad at any time.
– A mid-year review of the Squad is scheduled to take place prior to 1st July 2019.

Current Senior TTU/TTNI Squads:

Ulster Mens SquadUlster Womens Squad
Zak WilsonGivan, Ashley
Zak EarleyLarmour, Nicole
Thomas EarleyThompson, Erin
Phil JamisonEmma Mcsorely
Peter GrahamKelly, Anna
Paul McCreeryEarley, Sophie
Owen CathcartFinn, Rebecca
Max SkeltonEmma Ludlow
Jonathan MooneyHannah Lynch Dawson
James SkeltonJohnson, Lucy
Daryl StrongCraig, Lucy
Conor NugentMcIvor, Lucy
Ashley RobinsonScott, Nicole
Rachael Scott
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Player Commitment:

Selection to be amongst Ulster/N.I Table Tennis squad comes with high standards and high expectations. Table Tennis Ulster players are expected to invest and commit their efforts towards improvement as a Table Tennis Player, teammate, and a person at standards of a highly competitive athlete and highly motivated person.

Acceptance of a spot on an Ulster Table Tennis Senior Squad does not guarantee continued existence in the group, players earn their right to be amongst the group and are continually evaluated, on attendance, performances & behavior.

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Ulster TT Commitment to the Player:

  • Ensure the player’s needs are adhered to.
  • Ensure that the player is given the best possible advice.
  • That the association is approachable about any issues that arise.
  • Provide high-quality equipment.
  • Coaching staff always available.
  • Help with goal setting and achieving goals
  • Help create your bespoke player programme
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TTU Player Player Portal

As part of your programme, you will be required to comment/update the results of your tournaments along with a review. We would also expect training content and more. This will be fundamental in your progression towards Birmingham 2022 and will aid in the creation of your bespoke player programmes.