Senior Ranking

Senior Ranking

Ranking As Of 6th September 2020

How The Ulster Senior Ranking System Works?

Ulster Senior Rankings will be taken on the placement of Ulster Players in each of the tournament categories below and give them points solely based on their final positions.

Maximum Points given in each tournament category will be : 

Class 1 Tournament 1000 points for highest ranked Ulster player

Class 2 Tournament 800 points for highest ranked Ulster player

Class 3 Tournament 600 Points for highest ranked Ulster player

The highest ranked Ulster player will get maximum class winning points and be 40 points clear from second place. After the 2nd place player points will decrease in small increments of 20 points per position.

1st Place Nationals Player A = 1000 points

2nd Place Nationals Player B = 960 points

3rd Place Nationals Player C = 940 points

What happens with players finishing in joint positions?

Players finishing in equal position – their points will be averaged. An example is shown below. 

4th= Place Nationals Player Player D, Player E & Player F = 4th 920,5th 900 & 6th 880 = 2,700 points then average this by 3 = 900 points per player. 

Player D = 900 pts

Player E = 900 pts 

Player F = 900 pts

Therefore each player will get 900 points and player in 7th will get 860 points

Which tournaments in which class?

Class 1 Tournaments


Class 2 Tournaments

Classification / Ulster Open / Connaught Open / Munster Open

Class 3 Tournaments

Ulster Closed / David Lloyd Open / Ormeau Open / Antrim Opens + others that are submitted to TTU events. 

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