Speak Up Policy

Speak Up Policy


Employees, officers and affiliates of Table Tennis Ulster have an important role in identifying and reporting all concerns about unethical or illegal conduct through an appropriate channel. In this way, problems/potential problems can be identified, and dealt with, before they cause damage to the operation and/or reputation of the organisation.


This policy covers the employees, officers and affiliates of Table Tennis Ulster, and all other individuals who are associated with Table Tennis Ulster either directly or indirectly (including external consultants, auditors, contractors, and suppliers), where such individuals become aware of, or suspect that, wrongdoing has taken place, or is about to take place, in relation to the activities of the Association.

Purpose of ‘Speak Up’ Policy and Procedure

The primary objective of this policy is to promote an open and accountable environment in which malpractice is deterred, all stakeholders’ interests are protected and the good reputation of Table Tennis Ulster is maintained.


The Board of Table Tennis Ulster are committed to the effective implementation of this policy and intend it to promote a culture whereby all employees, officers, affiliates and related individuals are encouraged to raise any concerns or suspicions they may have about wrongdoing. The Board will ensure that all matters will be taken seriously and, treated in the strictest confidence, unless with the express agreement with the individual who has raised the concern.

Procedure on how to raise a concern

Where an individual knows or suspects wrongdoing, he/she should contact the Chair of the Board of Directors immediately. It is important that the individual explain as fully as he/she can the information or circumstances that gave rise to their concern even where such concerns cannot be backed up by firm evidence. All relevant details should be recorded in writing by the Chair, and confirmed by the individual with his/her signature, and together with any supporting material should be maintained in the strictest confidence, unless with the expressed consent of the individual.

If an individual feels that he/she is unable to raise their concern with the Chair – due to the nature of the concern, its seriousness, or if it has been already raised but the wrongdoing has not been addressed, or for any other reason – he/she can raise it directly with Mr Derek Hanley, who will progress their concern in a similar manner as above.    


All concerns raised will be investigated as a matter of urgency, and the Chair (where appropriate) will revert to the individual who raised the concern within 7 days. If further investigations are warranted, the Chair will revert no later than 30 days.


Where an individual raises a concern in good faith, and it is subsequently established that there is no wrongdoing, no action will be taken against the individual who raised the matter. The key is that everyone understands that it is acceptable to speak up even in cases where a genuine concern turns out to be mistaken or misguided. All concerns raised will be treated seriously, assessed on its merits and appropriately investigated. All efforts will be made to give feedback to the individual on the outcome of any investigation, subject to legal or investigatory limits. This process will be agreed on a case-by-case basis as issues such as confidentiality may need to be taken into account.


Where an individual requests anonymity, the Chair/Table Tennis Ulster will respect such requests unless required by law. Individuals should be aware that there may be instances where the Chair/Table Tennis Ulster is unable to resolve a concern without revealing the individuals identity, for example when personal evidence is required. In these instances, the individuals will be consulted before the concern is progressed. It should also be noted that where individuals seek anonymity, it may be more difficult to fully investigate their concerns.


Responsibility for the operation and monitoring of the policy rests with the Board of Directors of Table Tennis Ulster, and will be reviewed at least every three years by that committee.